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...The quality or state of being radiant. When something is “radiant” it is often associated with having or showing an attractive quality of happiness, love, health etc.

Radiance for me, is a state encompassing beauty, health and happiness.  It’s the sparkle in someone's eyes, the brightness in their smile or the pep in their steps.  It’s an overall feeling of well-being and empowerment.


My focus at Radiance is establishing trusting, positive client relationships while providing an efficient, thorough, discreet and comfortable service.  I believe in providing professional service with a personal touch.

My “Why”


We have all heard it … “First take care of yourself, then you can take care of the world.”  


I wasn't very good at heeding this advice.  I am a nurturer by nature.  I became so skilled at taking care of those around me and putting their needs often ahead of mine, that not only did my emotional self suffer, but my physical self suffered too.  I found myself tired all the time, I had trouble with my memory from overload and I was constantly coming down with something be it headache, cold or flu.  I wasn't able to give the ‘best of me’ to those around me because I wasn't  giving that to myself.


This was my wake up call.  Time to pay attention to what my mind and body were constantly trying to tell me.  I was trying to be too many things to too many people and neglecting myself.


After much consideration and internal struggle, I made a decision to leave my corporate career behind and return to my roots as an Esthetician.   I was seeking something more.  Something that connected me with others in a more personal way and allowed me to make some of my own choices and at the end of the day, gave me a sense of personal fulfillment.  I realized that I am fulfilled by the connections I make and nurture.  


Although it seemed lost, I once again found my self value by focussing on small things just for “me”. girls nights, reading, working out, quiet time alone and yes, even my 15 minute waxing appointments with Kirsten, my own waxer extraordinaire, helped me to feel grounded.



By giving myself permission to put “me” first sometimes, I was able to remind myself of my own self value.  


And better yet, I remembered I was worth it.

Taking time for ourselves at the most basic level - time out for self care - contributes greatly to how we view ourselves.  It focusses us on our own self value and reminds us that we are all worth it.


Giving yourself permission to take care of you, to love yourself & to make your own care a priority is not a luxury, it is a necessity. When we take time out to care for ourselves, our inner resources are replenished and we are better prepared to take on the world.


I want to encourage women to embrace their most radiant self, which I believe starts with basic self care.

I am passionate about connecting with women and encouraging them to see themselves as unique and worthy. 

I have lived on the Saanich Peninsula for over 20 years and love being a part of this amazing community.  Along with my husband Brett, we are raising two amazing, active kids.  You may cross paths with us at Allegro Performing Arts Centre, the hockey rink at Panorama or at the Sidney Fire Hall as these are our “other” homes away from home.


“Embrace Your Most Radiant Self”

Panache Desai

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